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A Day In Life Of An Escort

Hello my Name is Lisa and I work for an escort agency in the Birmingham area of the UK. I would like to share with you my experience of what a day in life of being me really is all about. Us escorts are very often overlooked in general society. Forgot that we have lives, that are more than just what you think they may be. Also being an elite class of escort, it takes lots of effort for me to present myself. Making money is never easy, but for me I love being an escort.


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High Paid Escort Talks Bedroom Tips

To be a high class escort, you do not just need to look good. You need to be able to play the whole role.

  1. You need to be able to make your customer feel good.
  2. You need to always smell nice
  3. Your body needs to be in perfect shape
  4. You need to always wear a smile
  5. Extensive selection of lingerie
  6. Offer oral without blow jobs
  7. Kiss with real passion

These are just some bedroom tips I can give you if you are thinking about being an High Class escort.