Graphene and Technology

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The technology has been around for a long time. Before civilization, man had to make their own tools in order to build simple items such as houses. As he found new ways to do so, he was able to develop more sophisticated tools as well. With each step, the possibilities of what the human mind could do in terms of being creative and having more power became clearer. In fact, with each tool that was developed, the scope of human power and ability was only limited by the imagination.

The easiest form of technology to recognize is the invention and use of simple tools. Examples of such tools are the ones that people use every single day such as a saw, an axe, and pliers. The discovery of how to manipulate fire and formed stone tools eventually led to better sources of food. Similarly, the technologies of the 20th century led to huge achievements and inventions such as the computer, television, and mobile phones.

In the future, technology will be even further developed, allowing for the creation of a human android like being. Additionally, advancements will also occur in the fields of dentistry, engineering, medicine, and art. These will have a significant impact on our world. For example, with the discovery of the November, humankind will be able to produce a synthetic material for artificial teeth. In the future, humans may have the ability to have a central nervous system or even brain chips, which will allow them to communicate with each other and with the outside world wirelessly.

Electricity will become very common place in our homes in the future. There will be solar cells attached to every light bulb and water heating pipes. We will also have all of our appliances and gadgets hooked up to electricity. On the heels of this, the creation of artificial intelligent computers will allow for the creation of self directed cars. This technology will likely be in place by the end of the 2020s.

Another exciting idea that is becoming popular in the realm of science fiction, is graphed. Graphene is a new material that has been discovered that can change the properties of magnets. There is much speculation as to what this means for the human body. Some experts believe that it will help with the treatment of some physical ailments, while others think that it is simply going to allow humans to have stronger muscles and immune systems. In either case, it will most likely be the next step in technology. The creation of solar cells employing graphite will most likely be the first of these occurrences.

One week after the creation of the most powerful superhero, the debut of a new wearable computer is expected to make headlines all over the world. It will be called the iFit. If successful, the design of this type of wearable computer may be used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers all around the world.

Two weeks later on November 7th, the release of the Apple iPhone will surely be one of the biggest stories of the year. This product will not only mark the beginning of a new era of iPhones, but it could very well signal the beginning of a new age in mobile technology. The rumors have it that an official Apple iPhone has already been in the works for the last several years. If the product does make it into the public, then we may be looking at a new level of mobile technology.

The big story on technology this week is the idea of graphene. This is the wonder material that scientists have been talking about since last year. Graphene is said to be twice as strong as silicon, but a hundred times more thin. Many experts expect the material to be used to make electronic chips, which will allow computers to perform two hundred times faster than they do today. Whether or not this story is true, we should all be very excited about this amazing development.

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