Why Turkish Hair Transplant Is So Popular

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Turkey has a reasonable price which is a significant factor in patients’ decisions. That makes Turkey a standout choice for patients who want the highest quality procedure for a reasonable price. The Turkish hairsurgeons provide superior results and have earned an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction.

Turkey Cost of hair transplants in Turkey

A hair transplant in Turkey costs differ from one clinic to another based on the procedure and the number of grafts that are required. Most Turkish medical facilities offer packages for hair transplants ranging from to 4000 units. If you need more grafts your surgeon will discuss the issue with you in advance.

of hair transplants in Turkey isn’t prohibitively expensive, but you do need to know what you’re engaging yourself in. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to undergo this procedure. First you must select a clinic that has a reputation for excellence in the hair transplant industry in the world. Additionally, you should select a surgeon that is specialized in hair transplant surgery.

Cost of extraction of the follicular unit in Turkey

Follicular unit extraction, also known as FUE, is a standard procedure for hair transplantation and is available in Turkey. It is a speedy procedure with low risk that yields natural-looking results in a few months. The surgery requires minimal downtime and doesn’t leave visible marks. A lot of hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer low-cost packages to medical tourists. These packages usually include the cost of the procedure along with travel expenses, as well as hotel accommodations.

Follicular unit extraction is an operation that is extremely effective and does not leave scars. It can be performed by both females and males and involves the removal of individual follicles from the back of the scalp. The surgeon then transplants follicles to stimulate hair growth. The procedure may be performed in one or more sessions dependent on the degree of baldness as well as the desired result.

Cost of Sapphire DHI in Turkey

One of the most sought-after hair transplant procedures is Sapphire DHI. Because of the low cost of labor and a lower currency the cost of hair transplants in Turkey is considerably less than other countries. Additionally, the doctors and surgeons at Sapphire Hair Clinic are highly trained and certified. The procedure is comprised of two major phases and three steps.

The process of Sapphire DHI is similar to that of traditional FUE hair transplantation, however it has distinct advantages. DHI can offer faster healing and greater hair density. The procedure takes between six and eight hours.

Turkish hairstylists have lots of experience

While there are many hair clinics in other countries, Turkish hairstylists have distinguished themselves through their knowledge and expertise. Initially, their clinics were relatively expensive compared with those in Europe however, as the growth of tourism in hair grew in popularity and doctors’ qualifications improved. The surgeons have the experience to successfully perform hair transplant procedures.

Turkish surgeons have an impressive track record of hair transplant surgery. The method they use is testosterone-free meaning that the hair follicles not affected by testosterone and grow instead of falling out. This ensures that your hair transplant will last for a long time.

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