Articles About Politics – What You Need to Know

  • Philip Barnes
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Politics is not a popularity contest. If you are not willing to stand up for what you believe in, there will be nothing for you in politics. The same goes for those who are willing to support someone they think is right and a “maver” in politics. In the end, it is the masses that determine who rules the roost in politics.

Unfortunately, too many people are willing to sit on their hands and watch politics without participating. They feel like politics has no place in society, as if it is some sort of vicious cycle where the powerful prey on the weak, then the weak to defend themselves by creating a louder voice. If only this were true. The fact is that the loudest and most visible voices in politics tend to win the majority of the elections and therefore control government.

So, how can we make politics work for us? By participating. Participating in politics means standing up for what we believe in. It also means being unafraid to say what we want – because we have the right to say it. After all, not everyone is willing to listen or read articles like I do.

How often have you participated in politics and realized how much you’ve lost sight of what’s important? How many times have you signed onto social networking sites or various online articles and realized later that what you thought was important is really just rhetoric? Maybe what you thought was politics is just gossip. Then you start to see the politics in your life playing out on a daily basis. You begin to question what you’re actually doing in your life and in politics.

Then one day, you actually go and do something about it. You call your representative. You write him a letter. You call your state legislature. You become an active participant in politics. After a while, you start to see things differently, because you started to take action.

It is not always easy being politically active. There will be times that you’ll get nothing done. But if you think about what your options are going to be, and the terrible impact that obstruction of your goals will have, you might realize that being politically active is worth it. What will you do when the government isn’t going to do what you want? In my case, it started with articles, but I’ve also tried other things such as running for local office and volunteering to help people who need it. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re doing something.

When I first got into politics, I thought that participating in articles and commenting on them would get me onto some mailing list or bookmarking site that would enable me to connect with other like-minded folks. But nothing happened. I could always find other folks to chat with on the internet, but nothing ever happened with respect to connecting me with others. So even after getting several different Internet “followers,” it still felt like I was invisible.

And then one day it hit me – there’s a difference between participating in politics and merely participating. Participating in politics is about affecting change, making choices and having an impact. You get a sense of accomplishment when you make a difference in the world. When you participate in politics, you are merely taking part. You can have your say, but you don’t have to actually do anything.

If you have an opinion about politics, you need to do something in order to influence people’s decisions. If you simply write articles about politics as if it’s your hobby or your way of life, you won’t help anyone. As a matter of fact, you’ll hurt people who seek out your advice or seek out your opinions because they won’t realize that you’re only participating in politics because you feel like participating in politics will help you do something good. In other words, politics is only important to those who wish to be politically active. Otherwise, politics is simply a waste of time and your time is not worth the effort.

Therefore, you can see how much value there is in trying to get others politically active. Politics can help improve the world, help people solve problems, empower the powerless, and bring together entire nations. All these things are possible when people get actively involved. You can help this process along by getting involved.

If you want to play politics, you can’t just write articles about it. That won’t get you very far. Instead, you need to do more than just write articles. You need to participate in politics. Learn what politics is really all about. That way, you can make sure that politics works for you and not against you.

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