A Day In Life Of An Escort

A Day In Life Of An Escort

Hello my Name is Lisa and I work for an escort agency in the Birmingham area of the UK. I would like to share with you my experience of what a day in life of being me really is all about. Us escorts are very often overlooked in general society. Forgot that we have lives, that are more than just what you think they may be. Also being an elite class of escort, it takes lots of effort for me to present myself. Making money is never easy, but for me I love being an escort.


This article aims to tell the world that even though escorts are individuals who are in a profession where they are required to sell their time for money, they are still people who work hard for whatever money they have made or whatever they will make in the futures as well. They are people who work really hard and go through things that so many people do not have to even imagine, and that is why they deserve some respect and admiration for what they do. The people of the world have got to understand that it certainly is a profession where the people do have to go through a lot of things to make a good living indeed.

Here are some things that an escort would do on a daily basis.

“I go by Jake with my clients. I actually chose this name after my favorite character from the hit TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Well, you actually get to choose whatever name you want in this industry. This is really helpful because it helps you hide your real identity from potential creepy clients that do get a little attached. You do need an alias in this industry. Anyway, getting back to what I do on a daily basis; I wake up and get ready to go to the gym.

I cycle there, and the cycling proves to be a great way to warm up. After I workout, I make sure to get some steam, and then I eat a healthy breakfast. After breakfast, I meet with my assistant (yes, I have an assistant) who helps me screen my clients. Well, my site attracts a lot of people, and they would have left some messages to get an appointment with me. Therefore I sit and go through all the requests and after I do that I filter a lot of people (the potential creeps). I get in touch with the ones that showed genuine interest, and we set up appointments to meet up. It is all done very discreetly and exactly the way they want it.

I normally do not go to their houses. We meet in a restaurant for a meal and converse over the meal. It all depends on how long they have me. Some people pay for the whole night, some pay for a few hours, and if that is the case, they get the job done within the first 2 hours. Some people just want to hang out, some people really want sex.

I do not negotiate the prices with any of them as they know that it is fixed. I also see around 3 clients a week, and when I do, I invest those three days into them.