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All that you need to know about Escort Services

On Point escorts

Escort services tend to survive on-demand and countries around the world boast a lot of demand. Nations that have legalised the same tend to allow the profession to carry on in the right manner. On the other hand, countries that have classified it illegal tend to reek of various activities that are carried on in the background. For this purpose, you need to look at things from a broad perspective and understand why making it legal is better. Once we are done with that, you can get to the next part which talks about everything that you need to know about service. Hence, here it goes.

Not all escorts are equal that’s for sure. Its very often said that provide something much more pleasing that other escorts. Where are when you go further south, their escort agencies seem to be charging much more. But for lower quality ladies. So its important if you really want to enjoy the best escort services, you shop around.

A Day In Life Of An Escort

Hello my Name is Lisa and I work for an escort agency in the Birmingham area of the UK. I would like to share with you my experience of what a day in life of being me really is all about. Us escorts are very often overlooked in general society. Forgot that we have lives, that are more than just what you think they may be. Also being an elite class of escort, it takes lots of effort for me to present myself. Making money is never easy, but for me I love being an escort.


5 Things from the Life of an Elite Class Escort

The lifestyle of a high-end escort is way different from normal and independent escorts. The most demanded escorts reach a level where they do not work under an agency but for an agency. They have their own managing team, which consists of a manager, assistant, and bodyguards. Such escorts are hired by the richest men around the globe due to which their maintenance and living also need to be managed properly. The elite escorts can also be pursuing their career as a model. They follow a routine in their lives to manage everything properly. Here are some of the daily routines and habits from the lifestyles of elite class escorts.



After a very long selection period. Much testing and even more thinking. We have all agreed here to present the best escort service award of 2020 to the following.

And the winners are…

Best escort agency 2020

This award goes to: Wycliffe escort agency of London.

Best Independent escort of 2020

This aware goes to: Miss Foxy McClaws of Birmingham.

Well done to everyone and thanks for entering!