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5 Things from the Life of an Elite Class Escort

The lifestyle of a high-end escort is way different from normal and independent escorts. The most demanded escorts reach a level where they do not work under an agency but for an agency. They have their own managing team, which consists of a manager, assistant, and bodyguards. Such escorts are hired by the richest men around the globe due to which their maintenance and living also need to be managed properly. The elite escorts can also be pursuing their career as a model. They follow a routine in their lives to manage everything properly. Here are some of the daily routines and habits from the lifestyles of elite class escorts.


Diet & Exercise

Elite escorts are the most beautiful models of an escort agency. They have huge fees for their service, and only the richest can afford to spend time with them. Their diet is really important in keeping them fresh and healthy. Exercising keeps them in good shape always as their physical appearance is 80% of their entire value. Having a body in good shape attracts a lot more clients which in turn increases their overall value. These models usually stick to fresh vegetable and fruit diet to keep themselves slender


The elite models also keep themselves hygienic at all costs. They always keep their bodies clean and take the necessary medicines to cleanse their inner parts as well. They nourish their bodies to remain protected from any diseases so that even the clients are safe. Parallelly they want their clients to be clean and hygienic as well. They also inspect their clients for any infections or STDs before indulging with them sexually.


The elite models are usually on tours as they have clients worldwide. Their tours get advertised on their websites, and any client who wants to meet her when she is in their place can book a meeting. Travelling and coping up with clients can sometimes be stressful, but the escorts manage it as they get to travel to different countries while they are getting paid in huge amounts.


The elite escorts are no less than supermodels and have a similar lifestyle. They also take part in fashion shows and get roles in the entertainment industry for their beautiful looks. Usually, they focus on making a model image while they get financial support from the escort business. They are fully free to leave escort service if they get a huge opportunity for modelling at the biggest fashion shows.


Apart from escorting and modelling, the elite escorts also indulge themselves in hobbies. Many of the escorts study in universities and have different interests in arts. Some may like to read books, while some find joy in painting. While travelling, they also like to visit the museums and take time off doing photography when they are not working. They are as creative as any normal person and take full advantage of resources and learning to improve what they are good at.


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